Keypad Alarm System

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Product Features Can be utilized as powerful alarm or visitor alerting chime Wireless easy to install Ear piercing 110 dB alarm siren Pleasant 85 dB ding dong greeting alert chime Entry exit delay Panic button for instant alarm activation Keypad for arming and disarming Keypad measures 5 1 4 x 1 1 4 Magnetic sensors measure 2 x 7 16 Requires three 3 AA batteries not included see Acessories When placed by an entrance or doorway this Magnetic Contact Alarm can be used as a powerful alarm to detect intruders or as a convenient visitor alert tool This wireless alarm has three function modes alarm mode delay mode and visitor mode When activated in alarm mode it will instantly produce a loud 110dB siren that will alert anyone within the vicinity Set the alarm in visitor chime mode and this device will release a pleasant ding dong greeting tone When in delay mode the alarm will have a 30 second entry delay and a 45 second exit delay allowing you time to arm and disarm it when you enter or leave the room This alarm also comes with a keypad that allows easy arming and disarming Installation of this product is easy no complex wiring needed Keypad measures 5 1 4 by 1 1 4 and magnetic sensors measure 2 by 7 16 This alarm requires three 3 AA batteries not included