Solar Jar

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The Sun and Moon Jars are ingenious and rather charming lighting concepts from designer Tobias Wong Just as jam jars store jam the Sun Jar stores sunshine The Moon Jar also stores sun which might be a little confusing but it s because it gives off a soft blue light at night rather than a warm glow Simply sit the jars on your windowsill during the day then when it gets dark they automatically turn themselves on and glow with the day s sunshine or moonshine The jars contain a solar charging panel and low voltage bulb along with an auto light sensitive on off switch Don t let the sun go down on your day and let the moon come up at night whether it s cloudy or not Features Tobias Wong designed lighting concept Choose either the Sun Jar or the Moon Jar Just as a jam jar stores jam the Sun Jar stores sun and the Moon Jar glows blue Pop the jar on the windowsill in the light and it will automatically glow by dark A low voltage bulb that glows orange for the Sun Jar or blue for the Moon Jar powered by the sun and the solar charging panel An auto light sensitive on off switch Suitable for ages 5 years Requires sunshine and a solar cell battery included Size 16 x 10 x 10cm